Making the invisible visible

From the first minute as we sat together as a team we started to throw ideas on the table. I was egging on environmental subjects on the global scale. My initial ideas were between climate change visualization, that would show the planet ice and snow coverage changing along last few decades, the problem of deforestation all over the world or the problem of consumption of energy. The initial idea of projecting the data in a smooth way on a globe was opening to me gates for amazing visuals. This projection would be very plastic and tangible.

I was searching for the best data source for our use. Among many others more and less complete I found the one that we all decided to use. It was the International Energy Statistics IEA:

After establishing the basic idea on the projection I was helping with finding solution on the technical side of it. I mention the idea to blow a semitransparent ball over the projector that is in the Immersive Visual Theater. I wanted it to look something similar to glowing globe.

I also pointed that we do not really have to rotate the globe, as we can manipulate the projection for this purpose. After we agreed that unfortunately we do not have available material that would work as a globe in this design. My next research was to look closer on projection mapping on the sphere. I shared with guys videos just to make our idea more clear and give as much visuals to trigger the inspirations. That would also influence types of graphics, textures, colors and any awesome ideas: like overlapping two projections. Inspired by Jennifer Steinkamp works:

Jennifer Steinkamp 2003

After the the overall project design was established as a dome projection and a interactivity was chosen I proceeded to a visual design and all the art concept designs to help to build the best design in a final unity format. I was developing my assets in Cinema 4D.

my glooming planet

And most of them were intended to show the data change in the plastic and affecting the imagination in the greatest way.

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I also wanted to create a additional assets on top of the land surfaces in the shape of greatest cities lights. I created a transparent ball shape that would be animated. I wanted the data to control the brightness of then as well as their amount and size.


My individual activity in the project is also a being present and learn so much from other guys especially Ollie about the dome projections, Unity, Unity plugin Mega-Fiers that allows you to deform and animate meshes with amazing amount of control tools. I have also looked closer on a Syphon server that lets you translate life stream video from one software to another for example Resolume where you can map it onto a chosen shape. On  the slideshow below you can see a screens from Syphon, Unity using Mega-Fiers and Resolume.

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I am going to develop other art projects using this technology.

I also created our Power Point presentation that was explaining the work of every individual in our team. The file is ready to download here: 301 presentation 

The project was cool and I really enjoyed working with that team. Thanks guys. 🙂

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