Elven Village


This is my newest digital painting, its a black and white illustration of a elven village that will be used in an adventure game that my friend creates recently. I worked hard on receiving good values and composition.


Cibo Matto – The Sugar Water clip interpretation

I have researched on Michael Gondry the director of a clip ‘The Sugar water’. Michael is know to be genius director. After watching the clip several times I decided to write what is my interpretation of the video.

Sugar water in the title suggest nice sweet life that we move on happily. We don’t see the signs predicting that something wrong is going to happen. In the video girls ignore the signs like: the flowers falling out of the window, smashed shop window (broken glass), a black cats # cross their way. They even ignore the direct message from another person, saying “you have killed me”. They don’t take seriously anything that disrupts their life. They go through their life day by day. They wake up, take a shower, go out, come back take the shower again and go to sleep. Nothing changes even terrible accidents don’t make impact on their life. It flows like sugar water.

Existences of those two girls overlap, are in some way befitted, symmetric, like they were universal. But one of them lives in less real world: sugar instead of water, a windmill instead of hair dryer, marigold. This give a great distance between them. also the time goes backward in one life when goes forward in another. They are away from each other, and they move in opposed directions. The only moment that links them is death. But they will never realize it.

The death is in the center of the video. It suggest that it is in the center of they life, our life. Maybe Michael Gondry wants to say that it is on our everyday way, it happens everyday, it touches us, surrounds us, but we don’t see it.

Interpretation made after inspiring discussion with my friend Agnieszka Sternal-Górska. Thank you Aga.


Brian Eno – words on interactive art

I have watched the documentary once again after seeing it on a screening session on 201. I was listening what he is saying on diversity of art and its living through the interaction.

He wanted to take music away from being abstract collection of sounds. He wanted to make them like places that you have been to. To make it sound like a place that you have experienced before. He used to call them “imaginary landscapes”.

Later in his creative work he was carrying with his motto which is “going to the extreme and retrieve back to a useful position. What was understood as artistic behaviour was to go to the extreme and to defend it and occupy it. For Brian it is not the most interesting place to be. I t is interesting that somebody has been there, and you want to know what he saw there. He wants to know all about the bandry conditions and they influence me because they allow for some things that are possible. Like having a space in a piece of music.

Variety of art

He was saying some interesting thing about the natural organisms. And I realized that :All of them are so different and the variety of creatures is enormous. And all of them were created through the same forces: wind, light, fire and soil.

His another think thought was about the Pollock painting and if you would see another one that is exactly the same, that would be surprising as the fist one was made through chaotic strokes but the second one would have to be done very precisely with a one hair brush.

Context makes it different each time it’s approached

Film music is a full fill for the action. It is there to support the action, and the action is missing when you just listen to it on a record. It’s just a context without action,  When you just hear the soundtrack without seeing the action, it allows you to construct your own picture.

Technology makes variety

He wants to put some serious attention when he is making a music. The think about the machines is that instead of reproducing something again and again perfectly we use them to produce something different again and again. We use then to generate variety rather then fixing something in place.

Interaction with a viewer

He likes systems that make use of the brain. The watchers brain is a process of emotions and of art being not a quality of things but the name of a type of interaction between you and something or you and a event. If you start thinking about interaction. If freezes a lot of aesthetic problems. You don’t have to decide if something is or is not an art. All you have to know is whether it does to some people. and it can do it as a hit single for two and a half million people a month or a cathedral may do it for seven hundred people for seven hundred years.

Making characters for game


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Life’s a Game is a collaboration with Acorns Children’s Hospice and Rosetta Life.
The project is supported by i-DAT.

Working with the moves of wheelchair football Young men from Acorns hospice will work with a choreographer and footballers from West Bromwich Albion to maximise the movement potential that children living with reduced mobility have.  These movement workshops will be developed and a series of sequences developed that are attributed to animated characters.