Nightshift animation

This animation is made together with a Ticktockrobot team: Simon Armstrong and Graham Carter. I was doing the movement. I animated all characters, including the main character, all background movement, camera movement including shaking and other effects and some of the lighting. Graham did illustrations. Simon was directing me and giving me help and advises.  And he also made some special effects and the final scene with the city burning. Thanks to Simon I have learned on a high professional level the Adobe After Effect with all advanced features. Simon also taught me about all animation theory. His knowledge is just outstanding and within just two weeks I have learned so much I would never achieve it by myself. Thank you Simon.

Great hard work and I love the final effect.  Really nice peace of work.

See the Animation

Ticktockrobot internship

Just came back from Brighton where I was doing two weeks internship in one of the greatest animation studio in UK. I was working with Simon Armstrong and Graham Carter the artists who made the awards winning animation “Me Marionette”. Simon specialise in 3D animated commercials, motion graphic titles and interactive online Flash, to full campaigns and series production. Just go to company’s website and have a look on the showreel. It is just stunning. And Graham is world famous and most collected in UK illustrator and printmaker.

Ticktockrobot – website

Graham Carter – website

Special Me Marionette  – website

And What I was doing there. I have got the great opportunity to animate Graham’s another fantastic work of art. That is “Zilla”. I was animating main character, other characters and all background. The experience is priceless and I have learned so much from Simon. I just can’t wait to make it all finished to show. There must be done some lighting and some effects (not too much) and a sound.