Dome demo and Magic Lantern show

We have just finished our Premediation Immersive Media demo show in dome. I have watched 7 up to 3 minutes films. All of the groups did amazing job, films were very bold and immersive. There were few project including ours that had a kaleidoscope theme.

Right after the event I run to an another building to see a Magic Lantern Show performed by Dr Mervyn Heard a leading authority in magic lantern history. It was amusing that the kaleidoscope theme was shown there too. Similarities of a projection was striking. Our new emerging technology and over two hundred year old lantern, but the show was so similar.


DAT308 – Premediation. Immersive Media – post 1

Dome is a magical super sphere where everything is possible. Its a portal to other worlds, other side of the mirror, the other side of a wardrobe. If you believe in it, you expect to immerse completely. That’s why I choose to produce realistic scenes, but not just our boring ugly life. I want magic. I always loved the special effects. This is what drove me to get into digital art. I loved a magic wands, fantastic colors of electric discharge, smoke, polar lights, stars, and all kind of beauty that a light can produce or we can imagine it can.

To produce a video that i want I need to learn loads of the 3D software. I started with 3ds Max and now I am learning Cinema 4D. For now I have went through only modeling and I licked some of the mapping and texturing subjects. There is so much more of the essentials before I will be able to produce simple light effect.

I cant stop thinking on how much needs to be learned. If I only could spend all days and nights and explore the software.