This is my first animation.


Transmedia Game

The transmedia game.

Together with a team of my classmates we managed to make a game that would involve a gamer into a murder investigation. I made the story and still think its a great idea for a more exploration in a film video game or other more traditional medias like good old book or comic book.

Main Plot

PLOT (that gamers don’t know yet)

Documents that Walter Brock was looking for in the office were top secret. That files were containing information about very dangerous deadly virus that was invented in laboratory in Plymouth University. One night 13th JUNE 2011 all jars with deadly virus were stolen from the laboratory. Noone knows who have stolen them.

and when and where is going to use it. It is a grat danger for all nation cos one jar opened could kill entire city in 24 hours.

Government knows about this danger, but wants to keep it in secret. While people have no idea that are in danger. Government is afraid that if the information would leak to the media there will be panic across all country and they will be forced to spend bilions on vaccines.

Production of vaccines is possible and very easy. I could be made in one day and could save lives of milions. Unfortunately the process is easy but extremely expensive. This is why government wants to avoid it. Government is ready to take a risk and wait. They count on that the terrorists won’t use the virus here in Britain, but somewhere else. They are ready to risk.

Walter Brock doesn’t know that his department is working on this case. He doesn’t know exactly what it is about but for many months there is something going on and nobody knows what. His superior told him that he can not speak with anyone about what he is doing at work. About any think. Even that his secretary made him black coffee instead of milky. His dutes was to search the internet email accounts for word ‘’jar’’ and keep the documentation, even if its only some grandmas recipes for mortar for the winter.

He got email from unknown person. The person asked him to make a new gmail account for the corespondency.  golffan.at.gmail.com

He starts strange corespondency with the person, who appears as a BBC journalist. He somehow found the track on this case, and asks for his help. Journalist wants to uncover the case and spread all information about danger in the media. Walter Brock feels guilty about his job, and wants to cooperate.

He is not careful enough and gets killed.

Movie – late evening, street, camera is fallowing guy who is leaving the car and rush to the building, He is stressed and he is looking around afraid to not be seen. He is looking on the watch (10.57 pm). He enters the building and so the guy with camera (we don’t know who he is) Camera makes shoot on the info by the door (Minisry of Defence). Camera fallows the guy through the corridor and sees as he enters the office. He has key to the office. Camera stops in the chink in the door and sees as he is looking for some documents in panic. He swears ‘where the hell is that?’ ‘they will kill me, I swear ,I am dead man already’. Camera guy comes closer when the guy is turned back. He turns around and we see his scared face. Boom. We can only hear body falling down on the floor. Black scr
End of the intro movie.Intro screen that appears after movie

Walter Brock worked for the government. He was Ministry of Defense worker for more then 20 years. Very efficient, professional and he knew the ‘business’ very well.
His body was found in his office in Ministry of Defense building at 7th of March 2012 at 9 in the morning. His secretary got an attack of hysteria and couldn’t speak for the rest of the day.
The police were not allowed to investigate the case and to secure the evidence. Instead of it some undefined top secret government from unknown department workers appeared and shot the door of his office. Nobody was allowed to enter entire floor of the building.
But before that happened young cleaner made shots with his smartphone, so if you are dying to get know why on earth someone could kill 40 years old boring office worker. Follow us.


Office room (flash movie)


-all drawers are opened

-computer screen with index stickers on it with email address and password

-unpaid invices, bank statements with enormous debt, angry letters from landlord, warning about loan repayment,

-on the desk his family photo with wife in a frame

-giftcard from his wife on wedding anniversary

– some ‘jar’ files on the desk

– official not from superior about great importancy and seriousness of his duties

-unoficial letter from the same superior (”if you say a word outside, you are FINISHED”)

-letters in pink envelopes (from sad, abandoned lover) with photo of a beautiful woman

– Walters phone

(messages form angry wife):

1)she says that she knows everything,

2) she saw him leaving home in the middle of the night to see with his lover,

3) she says cant stand it anymore and she will kill him if he wont stop

4)she says that he promised many years ago that he wont see that woman never again, and now againt the same story

( messages from Melinda (old lover))

1)      Hey Walter how are you doing. I was wonder if you have time this evening to stop by and help me screw my new wardrobe.

2)      Hi. It is me again. I had sweet dreams tonight. Xx

3) You dont want to see me anymore, you dont love me. I am so sad. Im going to kill myself,

4) No i wont kill mysef, instead I will kill you and your stupid wife first.

(message from unknown person Harry (juornalist)

1) This Saturday final golf tournament, bring your new golf clubs.

Most of those links lead to false plots (his problems with wife and lover), and also to his big financial problems. BUt you have email account and password on the sticker and different sms about golf tournament. and we also can see some clues about his work.

I dont know guys what you think about it. So far I think we need to make this intro video, this office in flash, we need all those CCTV videos you were talking yesterday. I will create two gmail accounts: one golffan that gamers could log into and read the correspondence. And another where from Walter received the emails from journalist (Hannah sugests that this account could be active so gamers could contact with journalist and ask questions about everything).
Then we need to allow somehow to find out about the love plot (some voice records on the phone from wife who is leaving him, goes back to Canada and wishes him good luck and she still loves him (that would exclude her from the circle of the suspicious) and Herald magazine news about woman suicide in her flat (lover – excluded).
This is just the proposition. Please give me your ideas on this.
After the virus was stolen in June from laboratory. Chemist is scared to a death, some government guys came to his flat and said he cant speak to anyone, They will fallow him every step. They have cut out internet form his flat and watched his mail box. Day by day he felt men in black breath on his neck. One day in tesco he recognised local journalist that he knew from high school. And whispered to him a call for help while standing in the queue. ‘’My recycle bin Wednesday Morning’’ Journalist has found everything about the deadly virus,vaccine, terrorists, and government that knows everything and keeps it in secret. But the information were not official, Journalist needs proofs before puts all about it to the media. He contacts Walter.
Hi everyone. I know that we have some work with our flash game and processing and intervention for 101 and we start focus on it when we finish all this. But as i was on the 102 session this morning and i had nothing better to do i created two emiali accounts. one for Walter and one for journalist. And i have sent first email.
If you want to play you can send some emails between them. 🙂 it cant be to direct , some of information have to be encrypted (use the golf theme).
In those emails journalist will explain to walter why he needs his hepl in getting those documents and show them to public. he will explain how he got information about it (from chemist met in tesco).
Walter will talk about his difficoulties in getting the information, he will tell that he is fallowed, he

 is scared, and someone already wanted to stab him when he was coming back home from the bar.Wlater’s google account : golffan53@gmail.com
Password: inlinked

Journalist’s email account: harry.rolandson@gmail.com
Password : inlinked