In this HTML5 and CSS3 work I was playing with typography positioning. It is not a jpg picture but it is positioned with CSS and thanks to it I could add mouse effect, that in this case is a quirky shadow appearing randomly on the page.



Attack of the clones

Try to imagine real man, unshaven, with dark circles under bloodshot eyes, caused by constant drinking and staying in smoky rooms. Man who smells with sweat and engine lubricants. Does he have sweet, idiotic eyes like a teddy bear? Imagine real woman. Who’s live is a way by the Passion, because she can not count on anybody, she has to work, take care of the house, children, do everything for her lazy husband, and with this she still has to be feminine and be careful so nobody sees her grey roots. Day by day she goes on in toil, on last legs and alone.

This is not the world where people have sweet cute eyes, like candy. However it does not discourage artists of Sorrows, who robbed human beings from souls. They threw the trash our feelings, emotions, fire and spirit.  Those bunglers have for nothing happiness and sorrow, love and passionate hate.  In their limited imagination, they can’t see human eyes as they are mirror of the soul. There is no place for look full of pain, look filled with passion, there is no seductive eye and definitely there is no room for a smart look. Manga creatures do not have eyes, just…

Glass beads!

Plastic bowls!

Smartphone displays!

Energy saving light bulbs!

Is this how human face look like? Disgusting creatures without sex. Men like women, women like men, adults like children and children like adults they all can … each other into the ear with their fingers. Nothing else. The clones without personality. They are like a fishes, stare on us with their mindless eyeballs. They are like beasts of indeterminate species. A dog like a cat, a cat like a man, a man like a rat.

Can you imagine the loss for our cultural heritage if Leonardo da Vinci would draw those idiotic glass eyes to Mona Lisa?

Politely yet firmly we human beings, ask every artists and amateurs, graphic designers and painters, drawers, cartoonists and draftsmen, masters of pencil and charcoal, those who use Photoshop and those who prefer Illustrator, graduates and autodidacts. Stop it! Let us be liberated from view of those unnatural puppets. We don’t want to see it everywhere around.

Yes. We know. Drawing is not easy. It is a hard task and requires skills, years of practice, everyday for many hours. It requires poetic soul, and imagination beyond the skies. We know that manga is the easiest and it was recommended for you to a good start. So… If the good start is already far behind you, and you still can’t skip this pitiful level. Give it up and don’t draw anymore.