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Code Warriors OneDotZero – “adventures in motion 2011”

One week ago I have been to London on onedotzero digital culture and innovation festival. It was awesome. Code Warriors sound for me funny especially right now when I am fighting with battleship game on processing. But what I have seen there was not funny. It was stunning.  This programming language has already ten years and it shows great potential for programming amazing animations. Although processing can be used in many different kind of forms, Code Warriors has focused on those which can be displayed on the screen in linear time.  Just now I took the program and searched for all the images on youtube and watched them again. Absolutely amazing onedotzero identity into and:

 Interim Camp by Field

The Nest that Sailed the Sky by Glenn Marschall

Energui Wa Antee Shite Inai by Karsten Schmidt

Live in 2050 by futuredeloxe 

Catalina by Luis Clara Gomez

Those motions were created not only with Processing but the artists were using other software as well for example, the Interim Camp has landscapes, perspectives and camera motion made in Maya. And Catalina used Kinect technology to capture 3D footage, as well as some phyton scripts, manipulation in Cinema 4D and polishing in After Effects and Premiere. For those who enjoyed Karsten Schmidt’s motion, I would recommend to look at the other 17 Advanced Beauty projects by other artists.

Right now I couldn’t find any onscreen motions from drop-ins but I got the trailer that reminds some of the images.

Critique and comments on online live and identity – Part 4

I was critically looking over my facebook profile for a long time now. After some unpleasant surprises my friends made to me without even knowing this. For example my ex boyfriend who started to apologized me in public wall, and everybody started to ask what was wrong and give me advices. Also I discovered that I was stalked, by someone who is not my friend and just got aces to profile of our common friend. So live online is for me like live in a small village somewhere in the country where your neighbours are so bored and their only entertainment is to observe and critique people around. This is why people don’t like villages and closed communities. I started to be careful on what I am posting and select them a little, keep looking on party photos I am tagged in, and remove them immediately. I just like my privacy, and the right to be forgotten is what I want.


Critique and comments on online live and identity – Part 3

There are also good sides of building your online identity. Firstly it helps you to reflect on questions like what is right and what is wrong, some moral, etic subject maybe. For artists it helps to observe how good they really are, when they compile live work in one place and can have a general look on it, and compare it with other artists. The same concerns to every professionals. This is how we Digital Art and Technology students can use our blogs. For me it is really helpful and motivates me to work harder and be able show better stuff. And again it is how I consciously build my identity. For example those post about “online live and identity” are written to please Hannah, but side effect of this is my deeper reflection.

Critique and comments on online live and identity – Part 2

So seriously I don’t like online live. What drives us to sign in? In my opinion it is true boredom.  I don’t like and don’t believe online identity. To answer my position on that problem I will firstly close the definition of identity.

As I was always understand it for my anthropological purposes as it is your respond on yourself in particular environment. So it changes depending on what you deal with. Everybody have something like natural environment where they feel like “home”. It doesn’t has to be necessarily home but place ( and I mean offline live) where person doesn’t have to reflect on himself or herself and just be. This is the environment where things are familiar, easily understood, predictable. We don’t build identity in environment like this. We start doing it in contact with something different. This is the moment when we start to reflect on ourselves. Oh… I am different, I would do it different. We people from my place are that way, not like others. And this goes on unconscious level usually, until you will be asked to tell about it. And then the game begins. It starts with finding thinks that you are better then everyone else around you. It is normal. You say what in your opinion shows you only in good light. The main purpose of this is showing how fantastic person you are, so if you think you have not much good things to say about yourself, or you have got known new environment so well that you know they wouldn’t understand those things that are good for you. So sometimes you may be tempted to say what is expected, or even lie. You have control of what you say. For the audience it is difficult to recognize if (1) is it really you, (2)if not, is it what you think should person look like, (3) or is it just your respond on others expectations and you have completely different idea on person. Online identity is very that way.

Critique and comments on online live and identity – Part 1

This is the first post particularly concerning 101 themes. I will complement my demonstration to show my point of view on those important  questions.

Firstly something  personal. So I have read again the 101 lecture introductory motto about online and offline live, work and play, production and consumption. And when I think about it the most striking think is my fear of wasting live. I was lucky to live my live offline for many years and now I know that I have better sense of scale and awareness of worlds sensuality, then many of my friends who spend days chatting and browsing.  If I sound proud or arrogant but I really see it. I know how plants in the forest smell, how to wear when you want go for sunrise on the beach, or when you have to spend night in third class car in Georgian train. About two days ago I was chatting with my online friend and he was really excited about seeing hedgehog first time in his live.  He was telling me about this experience and I realised that it would be ok if he was 7 years old but he is in his 30’s. Too much time in front of computer screen.