Battleship Battle

I was working on the new processing game for more then a week now and what I have got so far is: background (yeah!!), one ship that appears randomly on the screen, and four grids. I have made four of them because I had ambition to make it work on-line and with an option for players to set up the position of their own ships in the beginning of the game. Now after a chat with Simon I am going to keep it simple and if that works and I still have some more time I will try to extend it.


3D transformation with HTML5 and CSS3

With a help of tutorial from magazine Web Design: Creative Guide to Master the Web – volume six, I made this little gadget to my website. I know it is not necessary and even makes design a little overweight but I made this to show that I can do things like this. Now I’m going to successively add some extras. or maybe I will make another site for gadgets and leave this one in peace…

Text Adventure with Avatar

As we got the assignment for DAT104 Web Technologies, I work on personal website game that would use JavaScript, jQuery technologies. I have the idea of combining text adventure with an avatar that would be customized and later show its emotions according to events in the game. I made four emotions so far: calmness, anger, fear, laugh. What else could be needed? I will work a little on the story now and maybe that will help me to figure some other ideas.

Spy Game with QR codes

My idea of using QR Codes to develop running games, is used in practice in TermiSoc computer  society. My idea was to use them as a stop points in running called “Spy Game”. The game would take 4-5 hours of running across the city and end in the pub. Each team would have to be equipped with smart phone to be able to scan codes. The codes would be displayed not as a simply pictures, but the gamers would also work a little to make the code scanable. For example puzzle it.  Each point would have a task to solve and lead you to another point.

So TermiSoc will run the game December the 8’th and it will be called “Catch the flag”. It will be a pleasure to try the idea and develop it so it could become a popular game among societies or job colleagues as a way to integrate the group.

Have a look on the presentation, that shows some of my ideas. ==> SPY GAME <==