Tattoo Preview Projection

Together with Natalie, Nick and Ollie just started a new project Tattoo Preview Projection. Idea comes from Natalie and I think it is great. It can be really useful software.


Digital Signature

I have changed the picture and now my digital signature is a little bit more classic. The font I use is serif Birch Std which is Adobe collection font. It was designed in 1990 by Kim Buker Chansler and is based on a Latin Condensed wood type found in a 1879 William Page specimen book. It is narrow and space-saving which gives it old-style look and reminds a western wanted posters. I am interested in North American Native cultures and XIX century American western aesthetics pleases me.

I am not good at typography. I admit it. Every time I use fonts in any project it is the hardest part of work. I am trying to answer myself, why actually I am so bad at it. And the answer could be, because the commercial banners and shop windows on the streets of Poland and to be honest any other country are so extremely ugly, that made me hate watching and reading signs. I want to uncover this issue and try to overcome this problem.

Mind Map – Digital Technology in my live

This is a graph for some items present in my life. As I consider myself as a 100% human being, a person not a cyborg, I could deal without any of those things. This is my choice. As an cultural anthropologist I used to be interested in ways of living of people of different cultures. Mostly it was all about traditional ways, focused on the past and religion. But digital culture is also very real way of living and it is firmly rooted in European tradition of Enlightenment. European approach for human being as a thinking creature that want and can improve his life. We are the ones who want to live better, we are not content about current situation, for us there is always something to work on. We want to push the civilization further and further. And from this point of view this is also a traditional way of living. This is the western tradition.